Allergy Season

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As much as I love the warm weather and blooming flowers, the onset of Spring brings me pure agony.  I have terrible allergies.  My eyes are scratchy, my nose is runny, and my throat is itchy.  I'm allergic to pollen, and weeds, and probably some trees. 

Oh, and I'm definitely allergic to laundry.

It's true. I can sometimes handle the washer and dryer without taking medication.  But folding clothes gives me a headache and just the thought of putting away laundry makes me break out in hives!  I didn't realize one of the roles of stay-at-home-mom is doing the laundry, but since I have such a severe medical reaction, I think I should be allowed a pass.  I've heard of one magical antidote.  It comes in a hot pink container and is very easy to locate.  The only real problem is that this cure is extraordinarily pricey and insurance doesn't seem to cover it. 

So, as the trees bud and flowers blossom and dryer dries, I plan to just suffer through my pain, buy some Kleenex and a large bottle of Procrastination, and possibly bribe the man of the house to fold a load or two of laundry every week.  (Ok, to be fair, and honest, he does fold a load or two a week.  Maybe he can do a few more.  Especially since he's violently allergic to the dishwasher.)

I assume there are no home remedies for my allergies.


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