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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I slept on my tummy as a baby.  So did you.  And we turned out fine.  But the rules have changed; babies now sleep on their backs.  It's a SIDS risk.  I'm pretty sure the first "S" stands for "sudden" and doctors have never been able to find a cause for this sudden horrific occurrence, but, as a preventive measure, parents must put babies on their backs until they're strong enough to roll over on their tummies.

(For the record, I never met anyone who died from SIDS.)

(Yeah, that was a bad joke.)

We were doing great.  Ari was finally sleeping 12 hours a night and 4 hours during the day.  We were both so happy, so well rested, so up-to-date on reality TV.  And then, he started rolling over.  It was exciting!  The video camera was working overtime and Matt and I would just sit and stare giddily as Ari flipped himself from back to stomach.  We would immediately flip him back over so we could watch his little roll again and again.  He even smiled after every roll as we cheered proudly by his side.  It's no wonder he decided to roll in the middle of the night as well.

Check out this very boring video of Ari (well, it's of the video monitor) showing off his straight-jacketed shimmy after bedtime: 

This presents a few problems.  First, he can't roll himself back.  Second, he can't sleep face-down swaddled (now that's an IDS risk).  Finally, when I don't swaddle him, he can't fall asleep. 

HELP!!  Any moms out there with some good advice?


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