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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ari is advanced.  I am biased, indeed, but he's crawling at the speed of light, he's pulling himself up on everything and anything, he's climbing stairs, he's feeding himself, and he's almost walking!  And recently, he's developing a very practical vocabulary!

He says "dada" when he wants:

He says "mama" when he wants:

He says, "ishhhh" when he sees:

He says, "deeef" when he finds a:

And now, he has combined the "deeef" and "shhhh" sounds to make a word that he loves to shout, especially in public places.  What is it? 


Oh, and did I forget to mention he loves women and will do anything to make them smile at him?  Um.  Yeah.  So, here's a sampling of conversations Ari had with women over the past 24 hours.

On the airplane home from Florida:

Flight attendant: Snacks?
Ari: Dooooosh. (smiling, laughing, staring at the flight attendant.)

With the two-year old girl (and her mother) in the sandbox:

Little girl: Mommy, the baby took my toy.
Ari: Doooooosh. (smiling, laughing, staring at the little girl's mom)

And the only instance of which I'm actually quite Trader Joes this morning:

Trader Shmoe: (with attitude) Miss, I can't get by your stroller.
Ari: Dooooooosh. (smiling, laughing, pointing at the oh-so-kind lady.)

If only Ari could now learn the word for:


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