Potty Training

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My friend has a baby.  I think he's about 9 months old.  She wants to remain anonymous, so let's just call her kid...Arnie.  Arnie is rambunctious!  He's constantly pulling himself up on the sofa, the coffee table, the stairs, the mirror, the dresser, the bed, the bookshelf, and the lamp...or so she says.  But lately, he's been pulling himself up on...the toilet.  She thought it was harmless at first.  But then she realized that Arnie wasn't just standing there doing his "I'm standing up" dance.  He was, uh, splashing around, and um, licking the seat, and err, drinking the toilet water.  And one time, there may have been a little toilet paper in there.  And if there was, he yanked it out.  And sucked on it.

Disgusting!  What kind of mom is she?!

The solution to this potty problemo is simple.  Keep the kid out of the bathroom. 

Yes, easy enough...except when I'm blow drying my hair, washing my hands, or popping a zit!   I mean...when she's doing all of those things.  There's nowhere to put the baby.  She tried sticking him in the bathtub and he crawled out.  She tried placing him on the bed and he rolled off.  (Don't worry, he's fine.  But, she won't try that again.)  And, she tried covering the floor with puffs in the hopes he eats up some time and he showed absolutely no interest.  Plus, he may have ingested some of his Mom's hair.

So she came to me in the hopes that someone out there can suggest a safe alternative to toilet time. 

And, no, this is not my baby.  No sir-ee.


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