Fight Night

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It was the fight nobody had been waiting for.  Saturday night, in the boxing ring on the area rug in the Living Room, a raucous crowd of 1 watched as lightweight champ Ari and even lighter weight champ Tambourine went head-to-head in a vicious battle.

In his corner, Ari, undefeated in the last 9 months, and weighing in at 22 pounds of not-lean muscle, carbo-loaded on noodle kugel immediately before the match, hoping for an extra bout of energy.

Tambourine sat silent and still, mentally preparing for his fight.

The two fighters made their way to the ring.  It did not take long for Ari to grab hold of Tambourine and attempt to take him down.  With a tight grip around his neck, Ari shook Tambourine until Tam's motionless body had no choice but to collapse on the floor.

But Ari wasn't finished.  For fear Tambourine may come back and ring his neck, Ari used his leg to pin him down and wait for the ref to call the match.  3-2...

Tambourine was exhausted and unable to move and defend himself.  Ari assumed the fight was over.  He attempted to stand up to give Tam one final jab. 

Tambourine used his last ounce of energy to throw Ari off balance.  Ari tripped and landed face down on Tambourine.  And with that, Tambourine gained control of the match.  Ari sobbed like a baby as his lip began to bleed.  Defeated, Ari crawled out of the ring.  Sources tell us he was overheard calling for his "mommy."

The match was called in favor of Tambourine.


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