So much to tell, so little time to tell it

Monday, August 29, 2011

I could tell you about how Ari's latest "trick" is picking food up from his high chair and smearing it all over his face.  And placing it on top of his head.  And rubbing it into his hair.  And then laughing.

Or, I could tell you about how, while at Target, Matt and I thought Ari was having a severe allergic reaction when we noticed big red streaks up and down Ari's face. It was only after panicking, dialing the pediatrician, and buying Benadryl that we realized it was just leftover raspberries Ari "pureed" using the method described above.

Or, I could share the story of how Ari's finger was pricked to test for lead and iron levels.  Ari cried.  Mommy fainted.

But rather than detailing any of those blog-worthy stories, I'm just going to tell you that while Ari is upstairs napping (with his door closed), I can smell the poop that will be waiting for me when he awakes from his afternoon slumber.  Lucky me.


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