Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let me preface this post.

I am superfluous.  I am frivolous.  I am materialistic.  

Now I may begin.

3 months ago, in US Weekly Magazine, I saw this picture:

That's Rachel Zoe.  And, that's my stroller.  But wait a sec...that pattern was not available when I ordered my baby-mobile.  I distinctly recall my decision to choose a red cover and dark grey base because it would be gender neutral and would stand out on the streets of Brookline.  However, to my dismay, my red on grey buggy does not stand out.  In fact, it blends right in.  Proof?  Check out the recent "stroller parking" at my neighborhood park:

Everyone has a red stroller!  And I don't wanna be like everyone!  I want Rachel Zoe's stroller!  Waaaa.

But as it turns out, everyone wants Rachel Zoe's stroller.  I promptly placed my order for the Missoni stroller kit just days after the US Weekly was viewed by countless other material girl's moms, but with demand exceeding supply (hey look at me! basic econ...and i only took the class twice!), I received an email stating my stroller cover would arrive sometime in the "future".  I made phone calls.  I sent emails.  I even harassed the owner of Magic Beans.  There was nothing I, or anyone else, could do to expedite my irrational purchase.  

So I waited.  And waited.  And even though I received two subsequent emails with later and later expected arrival dates, and even though I sent Neiman Marcus a nasty email threatening to cancel my order (and only shop at Saks in the future), and even though I tweeted to Neiman's and Bugaboo and Missoni and Rachel Zoe about the false advertising, and even though deep down I knew this was anything but a necessity, I still wanted the freakin' multi-colored cover!  So badly.  I could visualize myself with it.  And I looked good! 

And then, out of nowhere (ok, out of gmail), I received an email with the words I had been waiting to read. 

"Your stroller accessory kit has shipped."

Could it be true?!  I was slaphappy, woozy with anticipation and delight.  I tracked the FedEx order multiple times a day, waiting with bated breath for my doorbell to ring. 

And then, finally, I came home Saturday morning and found this waiting on my door mat:

I ran inside, opened the box, tore into the packaging, removed my existing red stroller shade, and replaced it with my new one.  (Then I did my hair so that I could take this picture.)

Zoe fabulous.

A new accessory for my favorite accessory.


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