Day 36

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Session 2 of Camp Gold Marrow started today.  We woke bright and early for reveille, we had a yummy breakfast of eggs and hash browns, and then we had instructional swim. 

Zayde coordinated the swim lesson by bringing the camper to the pool:

Then both grandfathers made sure the pool was in working order, the water level sufficient, and the temperature warm:

And finally, after much anticipation, Ari jumped in the pool for his private lesson:

He kicked and splashed and even dunked his face.  He'll be at the next Red Cross swim level in no time.  We'll have instructional swim and/or free swim at least a few times a week so he's ready for the 2032 Olympics.  (Or, in the meantime, just so he bathes regularly.)

And if all goes well, Ari will be out of the infirmary and back in his bunk by the end of the session.

Daily update:

To all of you dancers out there, thank you.  Ari's ANC count went from 30 to 190 overnight.  I woke up to this:

It still needs to increase to at least 500 before we retest the marrow and then start phase 2 of treatment.  Tonight, Ari begins a daily medication to boost his numbers.  But who needs meds when I have all of you shaking and shimmying?  I am optimistic that his counts will be up by the weekend and chemo round 2 can begin early next week (that's the bummer, but we gotta do it!).  All this waiting is giving me angina.  (I don't even really know what that is but I've always wanted to say it.)

We also received final bone marrow results which were the same as the prelim from yesterday.  If you skipped a day, here's the gist - the marrow was clean. 

Thanks again everyone. 

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