Day 41

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sleeping in the hospital has been challenging. Because we haven't had a roommate for the last few weeks, Matt and I have both been spending the nights in Ari's room. At this point, we are so accustomed to our routine that it's difficult to even consider the idea of leaving Ari and sleeping at home. Though we want to be here, it doesn't make the accommodations any more comfortable. But today, Matt went home to "run an errand" and came back with the deluxe heavy duty queen sized aero bed.  Check it out!

If Ari doesn't wake up every time they take vital signs or change his diaper, and if his IV pumps don't beep all night long, we may actually get a comfortable and restful night's sleep.  And of course, it will be great to be together in the same bed again. 

Should I warn Matt about my bad gas or let it be a surprise?

Daily update:

24 hour chemo drip is complete and Ari's blood counts are lookin' good which means he's processing the meds well.  It is tough to keep him hooked up to the IV all day long but we have managed to keep him occupied with a wide array of toys...

...and we were even able to take him outside a few times today (once with the big clunky IV pole, once without).  Other than a little nausea, he seems to be feeling great, and I'm praying that he doesn't get a high fever or bad mouth sores in the coming days. 

Dancing tonight for a quick clear of the methotrexate...


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