Day 45

Friday, July 20, 2012

You know how sometimes I write about things just to be funny?  Like when I said Lea Michele came to visit us in our hospital room?  And then many of you believed me so I had to clarify in a subsequent post that I was being silly and our doctor du' jour just happened to look a lot like the Glee star? 

Well, to preface this post... what I write tonight is 100% true.  No joke.  I am not bullsh*tting you... this time.

When Ari was first diagnosed, I asked when Miss America was going to visit.   I was being sarcastic. And she came a few days later.   Unfortunately, we missed her due to a spinal tap.

But today, I forgot all about the beauty queen.  Because this morning, we hung out with Chris Rock and Kevin James.

Fo' real!  As in, the Chris Rock and the Kevin James - the famous people, the actors, comedians, and co-stars of one of my all-time favorite movies Grown Ups (this fact can't surprise you).  They were doing a little do-good-ing today by reading a few books to the kids with cancer. 

When we were alerted to the 10:30am gathering, we quickly dressed (even Ari put on real clothes which has only happened twice in 45 days), applied deodorant (famous people make me incredibly giddy and then I have a tendency to sweat), and made our way to secure front row seats in the designated location. 

And, right on time, in walked the two actors.  Chris Rock was taller and skinnier than I expected.  Kevin James, was, well, if I'm being honest, shorter and fatter.  But both were incredibly warm, funny, and genuine.  They read two books to the kids, signed DVDs of Zookeeper, handed out Madagascar coloring books, and then took a few pics with the patients.

Speaking of patients, Ari did not have much patience during the book reading.  He listened for a little, shouted "book" at least 20 times at Chris Rock, and then squirmed off Matt's lap and walked around the room.  In this photo, as every other child is listening intently to the story, Ari is fixated on Chris Rock's converse sneaks and on a pink plastic duck he found on the floor.  (But he was unusually quiet so he didn't distract from the men.  Plus, when you have cancer, nobody cares if you're paying attention to movie stars.)

All three of them behaved for this snapshot:

(Ari was thinking to himself, "Put me down weirdos.  Stop taking pictures.  And why is this guy so bone-y?")

When Ari started asking them for food, we thanked the two guys and left in hysterics.  Perhaps Ari won't be obsessed with movie stars like his mommy. 

I hope his sister is...

Daily update:

I'm not going to tell you anything that happened today or anything that may happen tomorrow because every time I write with really good news relating to checking out of the motel6 north, it doesn't happen. 

Instead, I'm just going to tell you that we had a good day (obviously!  we met movie stars!) and are hoping for a great weekend.


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